A Brief History of Belfast

ISBN: 978-1-905474-24-0
Publisher: Brehon Press Ltd
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 196pp

A Brief History of Belfast

By Sean McMahon


RRP: £6.99


From the unlikeliest of origins, when it was `knocked up from the swamp', Belfast has grown into a vibrant twenty-first century city. Sean McMahon's entertaining book covers the years of that growth, charting the erratic expansion of the settlement under the patronage of Sir Arthur Chichester and his family, the failed rebellion of the United Irishmen, the century of innovation and industry that resulted in the area becoming known as `Linenopolis', the Ulster Crisis, the Great War, the `Troubles', and beyond.

Detailing the events that have helped to define the city - the growth of its shipyards, linen mills, and other industries, as well as its often turbulent political and social history - and the multitude of personalities who have contributed to its development, this brief introduction to Belfast is as colourful and dramatic as the story it tells.

Additional Information

Sean McMahon is a native of Derry, where he has lived for most of his life. He has more than fifty titles to his credit as author and editor, most of them in the fields of Irish history, literature and biography. He is the author of The Bloody North: Infamous Ulster Murder Cases (also published by The Brehon Press), and his editorial credits include the highly praised The Derry Anthology.

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