Maker of Footprints

ISBN: 9781906578183
Publisher: Colourpoint Books/Plover Fiction
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 416pp

Maker of Footprints

By Sheila Turner Johnston


RRP: £7.99


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 The head is a lonely place - but the heart is a dangerous one...

Paul Shepherd, willful and unpredictable, has unexpectedly returned to his roots, abandoning a burgeoning career as a highly talented society photographer in London. The person least expecting the move is his spoilt, sophisticated wife, Dianne. Jenna Warwick is a student, pursuing an extra year at university to study for an MA. Her life is comfortable but mundane. Her future, even her prospective husband, seem to be utterly predictable. Within her, however, there is a nagging discontent, unidentifiable yet real. When Jenna and Paul meet, a chain of events is set in motion, which will leave none of the people around them untouched. Through secrets and fears and a powerful revelation of the nature of sacrificial love, Paul and Jenna travel an unforgettable road. When do you stay within the safety of your cage?

When do you open the door and step out into the exhilaration of the unknown? How much selfishness is it possible to forgive?

A beautifully written and accomplished piece of work that is thoughtful, lyrical and poetic.

Additional Information

Attention reading groups!

Many issues are touched upon in this novel. The dynamics of the many interlinking relationships and the moral questions which are confronted, provide much food for debate.

Questions for reading groups are included at the end of the book.

“a modern day Wuthering Heights” Jane Hardy, The Belfast Telegraph

“ absorbing read which captures perfectly the ups and downs in the battle of the sexes and peculiar dynamics in families” Louise McIvor, News Letter

“An eloquently written story of love, written from the heart, making you feel at once well-acquainted with the characters. The familiar and soothing imagery of Ireland enhance what is already an enjoyable and engaging read.” Pauline Rea, Deputy Editor, Newtownards Chronicle

“a gripping debut novel which certainly rattled my cage” Richard King, Spectator Newspapers

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