Century of Tanks 1916-2016

ISBN: 9780995482500
Publisher: Art of War Books
Cover: Hardback
Pages: 112pp

Century of Tanks 1916-2016

Art of David Pentland Volume I
By David Pentland



On September 15th 1916, the first tanks appeared on the western front when 35 British ma­chines joined the Battle of the Somme in a third attempt to attack and break through the Ger­man defences. The attack failed and no decisive breakthrough occurred, but the potential of the new weapon was recognized. Over the last 100 years the tank has become the cornerstone of land forces worldwide.

This first published collection of paintings and drawings by David Pentland, shows over 90 of his finest images from the last twenty five years, to mark the tanks’ 100th anniversary, and pay trib­ute to the men and machines of its story.

The book traces the history of this unique vehicle from early design concepts, and its subsequent development through the two world wars and postwar era.

Each painting describes a specific battle or en­gagement, and has been thoroughly researched to be as accurate as possible, to appeal to historians and armour enthusiasts alike. 

Additional Information

Born in Belfast, David Pentland worked for many years as a successful freelance illustrator both in architecture and advertising. Over the last 20 years he has combined his passion for military and aviation subjects with his experience in the commercial field, pro­ducing numerous military paintings for clients worldwide. He is now one of the foremost armour painters in the world.

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