The Tracks of My Railway Years

ISBN: 9781527201248
Publisher: PharmaSolutions Ltd
Dimensions: 260x210mm
Cover: Softback
Illustration: Colour
Pages: 180pp

The Tracks of My Railway Years

A Personal Journey on Irish & UK Railways from the 1970s
By Roy Carlisle



Lifelong railway enthusiast Roy Carlisle takes the reader through a pictorial journey on railways across Ireland and also in the UK from the 1970s to the modern day. Each chapter is a journey, and the book is filled with both factual observations and personal anecdotes relating to the places visited in each location.

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Track 1 “To Finaghy and Beyond” – the Great Northern Belfast–Dublin Line

Track 2 “The Bangor Boat’s Away” – The Bangor Line

Track 3 “The track of my School Years” – The Larne Line

Track 4 “North West Passage” – The NCC Main Line

Track 5 “Kids in a Sweetshop” – Inchicore Works

Track 6 “Ubique” – Everywhere else in the Land of Real Railways

Track 7 “Postscript” – Making Tracks across the Irish Sea

Track 8 “Epilogue” – Back Tracking from Castlerock to Ballykelly (Saturday 28th May 2016)

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