Back in Steam

ISBN: 9781906578299
Publisher: Colourpoint Books
Dimensions: 210x260mm portrait
Cover: Softback
Illustration: c130 black and colour
Pages: 128

Back in Steam

The Downpatrick and County Down Railway from 1982
By Gerry Cochrane




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This is a book about a dream - a dream that started with one man in 1982. Between these covers, Gerry Cochrane describes how his idea of restoring the railways in the Downpatrick area was gradually turned into reality, with the hard work of the many volunteers who, over the years, caught the vision and, with the backing of Down District Council, now operate one of Downpatrick’s major tourist attractions.

It is a story of perseverance in the face of adversity, of disappointments and successes and, for the first time, it is detailed here and illustrated with over 130 pictures.

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Foreword by W F Gillespie OBE

When a few of us met in Denvir's Hotel on a bleak winter night to discuss the possibility of a preserved railway scheme at Downpatrick, it was somewhat unreal, and perhaps none of us - except Gerry Cochrane - really expected that our dreams would ever be realised.

As described in this book, many obstacles were encountered and there were times when most of us - except Gerry Cochrane - were prepared to give up. However, he is made of sterner stuff, and always sought and found a way through the difficulties. It was my pleasure and privilege to help clear some of the obstacles, particularly in the early days, and in the process, I came to admire the tenacity and determination of Gerry and other colleagues who joined in the enterprise over the years. It has also been my pleasure to develop a lasting friendship with Gerry and his wife, typical of the many friendships which arise from working on railway activities.

I well recall the thrill of first seeing ex-CIÉ diesel locomotive No 421 pulling a restored goods van from our Station to the Loop. This and many later sights on our Railway have brought thrills and satisfaction to me and thousands of others.

This delightful book will be of much interest to all who have an interest in railways, especially the much revered Belfast and County Down Railway - the BCDR. Downpatrick and County Down Railway is a worthy successor which could not have been achieved without the input of Gerry Cochrane.

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